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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #17C10lb

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What is a Ligne Bretagne Collector? Sometimes a Talbert Briar "second", sometimes a custom-created handmade piece to fill in a slot in the Ligne Bretagne brand by providing a shape that isn't available among our machine-cut stummels. In this case, it's the second - I wanted something large for this site update and that tends to mean LB Collectors. Plus, my wife and I had sat down and sketched out the form together and were both really enamored with it - I absolutely *love* the serpentine curve of the shank and stem, and how the shank expands smoothly out to form the bowl, and how the upper curve of the shank mirrors the lower curve of the bowl front. It fits the Ligne Bretagne aesthetic well, I think - Not overtly flashy, but subtly pleasing and classical while having a distinct visual character that's true to all of our work. Serious pipe nerds might find some interest in a blog article I wrote last year on this very subject, where I went into some detail on my fascination with S curves and graduated flow of lines.

Fortunately, the grain cooperates well with the shape, with radiating age rings expanding out across the bowl in matching formation to the bowl's curves. It's a pretty craggy thing, with deep blasting accentuated by a two-toned staining process that really makes the sandblasted bird's-eye across the bowl front "pop", as we say - The points and circles of all the bird's-eye grain really stand out in highlighted relief.

It's a big bowl, with a chamber bigger than it looks, but fortunately it remains pleasantly lightweight. Overall, I think it's a handsomely attractive success for its intended goal - A Ligne Bretagne larger than most other LBs, with handmade flow yet conservative overall look, with the focus on usability rather than flash.