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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1760lb

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This pipe has been waiting around in our workshop since Christmas 2016. Last year we made this shape our Yule Pipe, except that the lower part was stained green and the bowl rim was natural, and somewhat reshaped... Plus it was intricately carved with holiday scrollwork. We always try to drill and shape more than we need to account for discards, accidental breakage, etc, and this one just ended up being an extra. We didn't need it for the set so it got set aside to be finished and stained differently. Of course, after I decided to do the bottom in black it almost instantly got dubbed the "Black Christmas" pipe here. It's not exactly sinister, though, and I think it actually still managed to come out looking rather festive - The "orange/natural" tint of the bowl rim gives it a fun and jaunty sort of look, and like all churchwardens, it feels like it would be perfectly in its element being smoked beside a crackling fire with a good book.

The blast came out really nice on this, also, with deep rings and a cool crosscut spread out over the bowl, both above and below the midline. While it may not be immediately obvious at first glance, the bowl rim is smooth and polished, with a gloss countersink to further enhance the faceted detail of the bowl design.