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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1758lb

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When we purchased the business in France, it came with all of the Ligne Bretagne bowls in their various states of machining. Among them were these big, straight billiard bowls in very rough-cut form, and they proved an expected hit with the unfortunate side effect that we sold out of all of them in very short time. However, we kept a few for tweaking... Bowls that had odder shapes, really unusual grain, or in this case, a much shorter shank than normal. I knew that short-shank look would be a plus if we turned this into one of our "stubbies" - a short *length* pipe with a big bowl. The result is a classical straight billiard with a bit of a wink in its eye, and its own distinct sense of style.

I gave the stem a bit of a bend in keeping with the jaunty, overall gnome-ish character of the thing. The grain is pretty much the definition of a gnarly crosscut, as seen best in the forward-view of the bowl front. Age rings are compacted tightly together and expand across both sides of the bowl, and our custom two-toned contrast stain helps define every intricate detail of the sandblasted surface.