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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1756lb

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Followers of our Instagram page have seen this stem before - I recently posted a couple shots of a big stem boiling project in the kitchen, where we boiled and bent a number of horn stems all at once. I do them in groups because it takes anywhere from 30-50 minutes of boiling before the straight horn stems become flexible enough to bend, and even then it usually requires a custom bending jig that I've made to put a decent curve in them. They tend to want to bend in kinks rather than smooth and even like this, which is annoying and especially so when the end goal is a pipe like this one, where all its grace and character lies in carrying off that smooth and very gentle arc from bit to bowl. It gives the pipe a bit of tavern clay personality, while keeping its briar virtues and not being so far tilted that one can't see to light it.

This was a startling flawless piece of briar - There just were NO pits in it, no matter how I shaped and sanded. It didn't have the grain to be a grade 4, but I was nonetheless able to leave it completely natural and unstained which makes a beautiful color match to the soft golden caramel color streaks in the horn stem. The stem is real horn, handcut in France.

This would make an ideal Christmas pipe...