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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1755lb

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Here's a bowl with an odd story behind it. Way back when we bought all our original Ligne Bretagne stock, it included a number of these large billiard bowls in rough-turned form. As LBs go, it's a big bowl, probably between a Dunhill group 4 and 5. As might be expected, these larger straight billiards were ridiculously popular and we sold out of them in short order, leaving only a small bag of "set-asides" that each had some sort of issue, mostly shank flaws that would require the shanks to be cut short, or an occasional bowl rim flaw that might require the height to be trimmed down. Anyway, we held onto the viable bowls and promptly forgot about them, but recently discovered them again as part of our overall storage inventory project currently underway. There were several like this one that simply needed a bit of flawed shank end to be cut off, and voila, an entertaining and rather silly leprechaun-ish pipe!

I gave the stem a bit of a bend in keeping with the jaunty, overall gnome-ish character of the thing. The grain on all these bowls is *weird*... It's all very old Algerian briar, with all the crazy that that entails. Forget stacked age rings or layered crosscuts - This thing is growing in every direction at once, with wild swirls of age rings rippling all over the bowl like water that someone's dropped several rocks into. It's best feature is the bird's-eye side, where my contrast staining really makes the little swirling eyes "pop". I know a lot of collectors won't like the chaotic nature of the grain and that's why it's graded lower, though personally I really enjoy its funky weirdness.