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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1754lb

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A tidy, chunky, natural jewel... It's rare to find bowls that are flawless enough to leave *completely* bare - that is, no stain, no wax, no finish of any sort - but here is one. They have some drawbacks. For one, I'm always nervous until they sell because I have to be extra-careful in handling them that I don't set one down in a damp ring from a drink or something, because the bare briar surfaces are maximally absorbent and will will discolor from stuff like that. On the plus side, the pale tan color of unwaxed briar is beautiful (to my eye anyway) and these "unfinished" pipes offer the maximum coloring possible with briar. While it may not be meerschaum-like, the buyer can expect this pipe to end up quite brown after a few years of regular smoking. I also leave out the bowl coatings in these, so they require a bit of extra care during break-in while also delivering the absolute purest brier-to-tobacco experience possible.