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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1746lb

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Look at this thing!

I'm sure this will have a limited appeal, because it's not a big pipe and it's expensive for a Ligne Bretagne blast, but... Grade 4 is reserved for blasts that are "truly outstanding" and I think this qualifies, easily. I expected this to be a simple crosscut blast, probably nice but not especially outstanding, but the minute detail revealed in the blasting process just blew my mind. Look closely at the close-up bowl photos - See all those little points? Those are each the endpoints of bird's-eye grain. The side-to-side age rings are stacked like geological layers, with the tight mesh of grain strands running through them. Usually when sandblasting, one gets a choice between "craggy and open" or "dense and not deep" when it comes to the grain, because denser grain usually resists blasting too much for a lot of depth, but here is one with the magic combo of depth, cragginess, AND intricate detail.

The stem is French-handcut natural horn from the Jura, and I added a little autumnal seasonal touch with the acrylic stem ring and its color swirls of pumpkin-gold and brown/black. The orange streaks turned out to be a very nice color match to the color of the unstained bowl, as well.