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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1745lb

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Here is the smooth companion to the recent sandblasted Cuttys. I was really hoping I would get at least one smooth, and voila! The thing about these shapes is that they are extremely intolerant of briar flaws... They just can't really be sanded or tweaked to work past any pits because any alteration of the bowl would render the shape instantly ugly. Well, "less attractive", at least...

As with these other recent "tavern clay" styles, the goal here was to create a briar version of a 19th or 18th century clay, something to smoke by a flaming hearth in a county pub. As such, it's very lightweight, especially for a bowl this tall (While not a large pipe by any means, these bowls are among the taller Ligne Bretagne chambers and offer quite a bit of smoking time). The natural horn stem is French-handcut, and a bloody nuisance to photograph. The dark bowl and the pale stem managed to completely befuddle my camera's light sensor, resulting in photos where either the bowl was a dark blob or the stem was a burned-out bright flash. The *best* look at the color-accurate stem above is the close-up of just the stem and shank - Have a look at that before you dismiss the pipe based on the too-bright-looking side views.