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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1744lb

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I'm not going to say a whole lot about this pipe, mostly I'll just point up at the wonderfully intricate bird's-eye sandblast and the tight, radial age rings expanding outward and across the bowl. Thanks to a recent (and still in process) storage cataloging, I found our box containing these shapes again and immediately set out to make a few of them, as I really love this ever-so-slightly canted Cutty shape. The goal is, as always with these, to produce an ideal tavern pipe, something strongly reminiscent of old clays yet with the comfort and smoking characteristics of a good briar.

And yes, this IS briar. I bleached it out to match the milky white streaks in the horn stem, with something of a long-term color plan... The bowl will darken over time with smoking and handling, and as it gradually drifts towards a browner color, it will switch to matching the tan and brown streaks in the horn instead. Yes, some of us are weird enough to actually think about this sort of thing...