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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1743lb

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I tried this stem design (The rounded-ball join at the shank) on some Oom-Pauls that we did, and really liked it, so I thought I would try applying the same styling motif on a straight pipe to give it a little something unusual in its look. I don't know if anyone else will like it, but I dig it... the Peterson-esque stem join seems to serve as a nice, sturdy compliment to the squat and thick lines of the bowl. These billiards are wonderful things - They're shorter and a little thicker-walled than normal, with those thick shanks that give the whole pipe its rather chunky dwarvish look. It would be an ideal walking smoker, or all-day companion - These bowls are basically workhorses straight out of the box.

This particular pipe has more than a little something extra in the form of that very startling sandblast... Just take a moment to open up the fullsize preview of the that bird's-eye side to study. It is, pardon the pun, EYE-POPPING. I applied three levels of stain and finishing work to the blast to really bring out the highlights of the sandblast texture and while on many sandblasts the bird's-eye side is the boring part compared to the age rings, on THIS pipe it's the star of the show! A huge part of the surface area of both bowl sides and shank is given over to the swirling miasma of bird's-eye clusters, each wrapped in its own cell structure, with strong and craggy age rings running crosscut between.