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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1742lb

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We posted another Prince similar to this one in the last update, though this one has a different finish. We've actually got a handful of Princes in the works right now, so look for a few to pop up with each new catalog update, most likely - They're pretty much always popular, and are "fire and forget" by design... I know every one of these will make an excellent smoker because I've already smoked a bunch of them myself for years! I believe even the inestimable Greg Pease has a pair of these that he's quite fond of, and uses for tobacco blend testing. There's a bit of fun trivia for your new Prince!

This one was hard as rock, and between the briar hardness and the densely packed age rings, it wouldn't give up a very deep blast... but wow, the rings. We use a red & black two-toned stain finish on a lot of these but here we went with a gold & black instead. Not that you can really tell much in the photos, as it wanted to photograph redder tinted anyway, but still it's a bit more gold-colored on the outer highlights than that last prince. What I love most is the sheer intricacy of the grain, though - The close-ups really showcase just how densely the grain lines and age rings are packed.