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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1741lb

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My friend Art, of Ming-Kahuna, used to refer to what he called "plasma grain", which is to say, bird's-eye that wasn't an even spread of points but instead a swirling miasma of spots with ripples between clusters and an overall magma-like look... which describes this pipe perfectly. I wanted to have a bigger pipe to include with this update so I picked out a couple of these Dublin bowls to finish, and oh my, I picked well - Both turned out to be flawless. I haven't finished the other one yet, but this one is ridiculously pristine and free of spots. In fact, had the grain been more even and "classical", it would have qualified as a grade 5, but as it is, it's a slice of flawless briar with crosscut grain and wild swirls of bird's-eye splashed willy-nilly around the bowl..

It is also unabashedly a big pipe, though thankfully it's really quite lightweight for its size. I'm a fan of long stems and a very Bing-like, "stretched" look, and I wanted to accentuate that here to really make this a dramatic looking interpretation of a classical design. The stem is long and tapers to a thin, flat bit. I'd originally planned to keep it simple, but the more I looked at it, the more I thought a central bit of eye-catching band work would give it some extra "pop", so I eventually opted to fit it with the polished knotwork-pattern band.

THE perfect pipe for that top hat & tails occasion!