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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1740lb

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One of the rarest pipes out there is the "clear", or the "virgin"... Briar that is flawless enough to leave completely unstained, with only a super-fine sanding finish and a gentle wax polish for shine. And voila, this is one of them! Actually, one of TWO this update... We got very very lucky with our briar picking this time around. That seems to be how it goes, though - Either I'll bring in a handful of stummels that are all high grades, or that are all rejects for the trash basket! But this was one of the good times, fortunately for us AND our customers... because this pipe is just lovely.

I've mentioned before that the Ligne Bretagne Prince is one of our mainstays, a best seller, and also IMO one of the most attractive of the LB shapes (aside from being slightly historical, as this shape was the first one we finished when we started Ligne Bretagne back in France). While it's not a big pipe by any means, this is one of the larger variants of our Princes, with a slightly deeper bowl and thicker walls (visible in the top-down pic above). This one missed being a grade 5 due to having a few very tiny pinprick spots, visible in the camera close-ups while invisible to the naked eye in normal room lighting. On the plus side, that gets the lucky buyer a gorgeous pale beauty for nearly $40 less than our top grade. The coloring potential on this thing should be marvelous - It's the sort of pipe that I hope the buyer will send me a photo of about five years from now, so I can see how richly it has darkened!