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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1738lb

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I know that the green-eyed Pumpkin and the green Fat Dwarf will probably get all the attention and clicks on this update, but this particular Prince shape could be considered one of the foundational building blocks of the Ligne Bretagne brand. The first LBs I ever finished in France were these Princes, and the shape was our first Yule Pipe over there. Alongside our straight bulldogs and squat bulldogs, this shape has helped carry a great deal of our more experimental pipes over the years... It's simply a damned good shape. While not the biggest bowls, this specific Prince has a slightly larger bowl than some of our other variants in this stummel (If looked at proportionally, you can see the bowl is a little larger compared to the stem) and the thing is pretty much the ideal smoking machine - Open draw, easy tamping, easy lighting, and progressively thicker-walled as the tobacco burns down.

It's also just about as classical as it's possible to get without going Straight Billiard. The very subtle curve of the stem gives it a bit of elegance, and we got seriously lucky with the sandblasting on this one because it's got some extremely tight ring grain all around the bowl.