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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1737lb

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Here's a Ligne Bretagne shape from years past! We've kept on making Fat Dwarves recently, of course, but have had to use various alternative stem designs because no one makes the stem blanks we use to use for them anymore... They were both very thick and very stubby, as seen here, but in black vulcanite. Recently however, I've found a reliable source for this style of stem in acrylic, and with some filing and restyling, they're virtually the resurrection of the old-style Fat Dwarf stems, returning the pipe to its original thick, stubby, short-stemmed profile.

And yes, I did say acrylic... While nearly all Ligne Bretagne stems are either ebonite or horn, these are a beautiful soft green marbled acrylic that polishes to a high gloss and stays that way. The wood inset ring is drilled and turned North Carolina Holly, and sharp-eyed observers can note that I cut and matched the grain flow of the stem's swirls across the wood ring.

The sandblast is really nice as well, very deep and craggy. I gave the pipe a deep-stain of black, then carefully blasted off the surface areas and re-stained in its final forest green tint to give the rings and bowl a bit of extra visual contrast.