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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1736lb

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Elegance in pipe form! I am not normally a big fan of paneled pipes, though there are a few Ligne Bretagne shapes that I'm keen on, one of which is this - The tall, almost elfin bowl adapts itself well for long-stemmed designs to produce a rather clay-like result. Add in the most subtle bend possible to the stem and shank arc and it results in a lovely tavern pipe (FWIW, this paneled bowl design has now several times nearly been chosen for our yearly Yule Pipe, as there's something slightly Christmas-ey about it, to my eyes).

Here, the bowl is sandblasted and finished in a deep black stain, while the bowl rim is polished, smooth, and unstained to show off the attractive crosscut grain of the briar. It's a subtle pipe all-around, not one for big glaring "Hey, look at THAT!" features, but I'm a bit smitten with it... I think it's the sort of pipe I could live with happily, and notice more subtleties to the shape every day. And that extremely light weight would certainly be appreciated!