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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1735lb

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The classic Ligne Bretagne Prince shape has long been one of our best sellers, for good reason - They're elegant, lightweight, proven, and the thick round bowl walls are more comfortable to hold than a thinner-walled billiard. Also, given today's smoking restrictions, I suspect that their shorter bowls will only make them even more popular, as they're ideally suited for briefer smokes. They're not small pipes by any means, though - the bowls are more than sufficient to smoke for an hour with a slow-burning flake.

This particular pipe showcases our two-toned red & black stain finish, which helps accentuate some truly excellent sandblasted grain. Check out the close-ups of the bowl above for some beautiful views of how the age rings expand and wrap around the pipe bowl. The pipe was first deep-stained red, then topped with black that was mostly rubbed back to create this Ligne Bretagne signature finish - A look that I patterned after the worn finishes of older Dunhill Shells, where the black would rub off the highlights on the bowl with time.