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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1734lb

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A gorgeous little thing, this straight apple (Lovat? Who cares... I've never given much of a whit about the minutia of pipe taxonomy, preferring instead just to focus on making pipes "look right") is the ideal walking companion - It's got a decently-sized bowl but short overall dimensions, fitting easily into a shirt pocket and being virtually weightless for walking and clenching. The grain really qualified this for a Grade 3, but given that the overall size is on the small size (Again, the bowl is mid-sized, though, it's just the length and pencil shank that make it small), I figured I'd mark it lower to help keep the price down. Somewhere out there, a lover of small pipes is going to get a *really* nicely grained pipe for a bargain price!

It's easy to miss in the pics, but the stem has two decorative rings, a polished brass ring and a polished cumberland ring. The bowl was stained in three stages to color-match the cumberland ring, and the coloring is close enough that the cumberland tends to segue seamlessly into the shank, visually - You only really notice it's there when you look at it closely.