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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1731lb

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We just recently finished up all our accumulated backorders on Fat Dwarves, from a limited run we pre-sold a few months back (In fact, I shipped the last one today). Whenever I do a limited run of anything, I always make sure to allow for mistakes, discards, etc, so a limited edition of 10 pipes needs components for at least 12+, typically, because *something* is going to have to be thrown in the trash along the way. In this case, though, the Fat Dwarves tend to be higher quality than many of our other stummel stock, and I ended up having no discards at all, and thus producing this one extra for open sale after all the initial orders had been filled.

Check out the grain close-ups on this thing - That is some seriously tight age ring grain. Many of the age rings have less than a millimeter of space between them, suggesting harsh years or slow growth and - I can attest to this from working it - very hard and dense briar. It's tough wood, but that suits the character of the pipes, IMO. The Fat Dwarves are workhorses all. They're not the sort of pipes where anyone's likely to put them in a gallery as a piece of art, but they are exceptional as all-day, rugged, hard-working smokers with that very distinct character of their own. The shank ring is German cumberland ebonite, and the bowl has been two-toned stained to match its colors.