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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1730lb

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I've had this pipe sitting here on my desk for two solid weeks now, with no time to photograph it and post it, we've been so busy ! It's turned up in a couple Instagram and Facebook photos, though, so here it is now available for the folks who've asked me about it. It's pretty much THE classical lightweight English Prince shape, ideally suited for shorter smokes and benefiting nicely from the Prince design's thick walls and rounded, comfortable-to-hold bowl.

The grain is flame grain all around, radiating outward from a tight bird's-eye cluster on the bottom of the bowl. Given the fact that the pipe positively screams, "BRITISH CLASSIC", I knew I had to stain it some variant of brown, so we ended up applying several stages of rich browns and reds to reach the color you see here - A brown that is, I hope, a little more vibrant and lively than the usual sort of "flat mud" look that so many brown wood stains give.