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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1729lb

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Here's an unusual variant on the bulldog or Rhodesian shape - A round, thick-walled Rhodesian bowl with a long, elegantly-curved stem, just the sort of "barely there" curve that I love to see in stems. The bowl chamber is low and wide, accommodating pretty much any type of tobacco happily, though you're going to get longer smokes from it with a flake or rope style. The open draw should make otherwise difficult-to-keep-lit ropes a breeze.

The sandblast came out quite nicely, and we further enhanced the look with our two-stage staining process, wherein the pipe was deep-stained dark red and then topped with an opaque black that was mostly rubbed back, leaving strong contrast across the texture of the surface. I looked across all the new pipes posting for this update and realized that all the others hewed to the "short & stubby" aesthetic, so we had to do at least ONE that was a bit longer and more graceful!