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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1728lb

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Ha! I put my background soundtrack playlist on shuffle just now, and "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" just started playing as I sat down to write this description. This, to me, is the ideal of the hard-traveling, clenched in your teeth, western pipe... way more so than those impractical and annoying Devil Anse things, IMO at least (I have a strong bias against bowls that lean so far forward one can't see to light them). It's the definition of practicality and no frills - A big enough chamber to enjoy for a while without smoking all night, wide and thick walls, light weight for easy clenching, and short length to tuck neatly into a shirt pocket.

The tightly-stacked age rings are pretty excellent, too. Squat though the bowl may be, there's over 20+ years of growth from the bowl's top to bottom. It is not a, "Hey, look at my new pipe!" artwork to impress one's friends at the pipe club with, but what it is, is a rugged workhorse of a smoker that should give its owner a happy lifetime of service in a compact and ... let's be frank... pretty adorable package. I love the proportions of this thing and I hope it sells and proves popular, because I'd enjoy making some more of them.