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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1725lb

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This pipe and #1726LB have a little story behind them - We have a lot of these stummels in roughed form in our stock, filling up several crates. We just brought them straight back from France without much digging, because straight Dublins of decent bowl size are always popular and good sellers & smokers. I wanted to do a few of these alongside some back orders I was working on, so I went out and did a bit of digging in one of the boxes, and found a small fraying bag buried under the bowls. Inside were maybe six or eight stummels like this, with perfect grain... I've mentioned before that usually I get perhaps 3-5 grade 5 pipes in a year, out of 150+ produced. If all of these bowls finish out as nice as they look now, every one will be a grade 5! I can only guess that the previous pipemaker had sorted and hand-selected these a couple decades ago, and put them in this bag to set them apart, but never got around to finishing them. Whatever the story, I now have a handful of matching, near-perfect straight Dublins to finish and post. I'm tempted to finish them all together and make a 7 day set from them, but I wasn't sure if there would be a buyer for that and August is always a slow month and I just flat don't have the time for a "project" right now, so I chose to start by finishing a pair:

They make a beautiful matched pair and if anyone buys both together, they'll get a $50 Paypal refund back from the total $468 cost, because that's how much I'd like them to stay together. They make an ideal contrast - One stained, one natural, one carbonized, one not, and both from the same briar with similar grain and matched French-handcut horn stems.

This is the "flash" pipe of the pair - Where its twin is unstained and subtle, this pipe showcases a beautiful contrast stain to bring out the flaring grain as it expands outward across the bowl, and showcases the spattered bird's-eye on both sides of bowl and shank. It's a bit more work than it looks - It's actually two different colors applied to the grain, to help darken it and give it contrast while keeping an overall "natural wood" look in color tones, to match the colors of the horn stem. Stain and stem harmonize well together, with the range of muted browns and Autumn golds helping the components balance to the eye.