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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1724lb

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Now here is an odd, and possibly unique, anomaly - I've got a lot of the Ligne Bretagne Prince shapes, probably 2-3 crates full of them. I like to use them often both because the bowls are consistently high quality and because they make beautiful pipes when finished. Being machine-cut, though, they're all basically the same unless I go in and start tweaking the designs. However, while digging through one of the Prince boxes, I found this... A Prince of Unusual Size. It's not far off the norm, but it's just enough bigger to be noticeable:

Just 3mm taller, and that 3mm pretty much extends all around the bowl, making it just a little bit bigger and rounder than our normal Prince shapes. Curiously, however, it's almost the exact same weight as its sandblasted smaller twin here, though that's probably explained by the fact that the sandblasted one has a slightly longer stem. Regardless, it's an oddball - I didn't see any others like it in my cursory searching, so it may be the only one of its kind that we have. It's also a seriously beautiful, very understated and very English shape that looks as if it could have rolled right out of the Dunhill factory, with excellent flame grain all around and a bird's-eye-covered bottom. A few pinprick spots kept it out of Grade 5 status and price, but we were nonetheless able to leave it nearly unstained - It has a tint of rich brown, mostly sanded back and buffed off, just to give the grain a wee bit more contrast. A beautiful rarity!