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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1718lb

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I am pretty much in love with this pipe, so I hope you'll forgive my use of superlatives. It's just my ideal sort of shape - Long, slinky, gently curved but not so much as to make it impractical or to make bowl-lighting stupid, and rendered in a strong contrast finish that brings out every detail of the woodgrain. I've talked here before about our ongoing search for attractive brown stains - A harder task than one might guess at, offhand, given that so many brown finishes end up looking rather dull and (to be blunt) turd-like. It's easy to give yellow or red or orange colors "life", but brown tends to want to just lie there looking dull. In this case, the color was achieved not through stain but through a hundred(s) year old darkening process that deepened the grain coloring to nearly black, but still brown. Over this was applied a final tint of translucent golden yellow to give it that bit of "glow". It's a nice effect, I hope.

This shape might look familiar to buyers of our Gnomes - It's the same shape, essentially, only full-sized. It's got the same paneled bowl design and long stem, but with a taller bowl, longer length, and larger diameter chamber... Basically a Gnome 75% larger. The stem ring is natural polished horn, brought back with us from France.