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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1717lb

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Stubby! The best looking part of this Rhodesian is the part I found most difficult to photograph, the spreading spiderweb pattern of tight sandblasted age rings that expands across the underside of the pipe. Unfortunately that wide-rimmed bowl shape always threw the underside into shadow no matter how I positioned the pipe. Still, I think I managed to do a tolerable job at least, and the squirmy highlighted edges of the age rings give a hint as to just how densely packed the growth years are in this piece of briar. It isn't a deep or craggy blast because the briar grain was simply too hard and too dense, but the finer surface texture suits the precision shape of the ringer Rhodesian bowl better anyway, I think.

The finish is our popular red & black two-stage, with a deep red understain topped with opaque black that's mostly rubbed back for contrast. The stem has a cumberland ring in matching colors... possibly TOO matching, as it turns out, given that when the pipe was finally finished, the stem ring nearly vanishes into the shank, the colors harmonize so closely. Still, it's a nice and subtle effect when examined closely. Oddly enough, I think this may be the very first two-ringed Rhodesian we've ever made in Ligne Bretagne!