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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1716lb

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Here is another of our rare (as in, 3 or 4 pipes a year at most) "unfinished" virgin naturals. Even pipes with excellent grain usually have some sort of small flaws that need stain - a darker spot here or there, that sort of thing. It's a rare thing indeed to have a pipe that's flawless enough to simply sandblast and then "walk away", leaving a bare briar surface. And what a surface it is! Cross-grained pipes like this usually look their best as smooths, but here the sandblasting has really carved out every minute detail of the bird's-eye side to produce an impressive "crawling chaos" texture... You can see every bird's-eye point and every ripple of wood grain surrounding them.

We don't put our usual bowl carbonizing in our "unfinisheds", so I advise taking some extra care during break-in to avoid damage to the bowl walls. Also, expect a wood-ier flavor to the first few bowls as well. Offset against these caveats is the smoking and coloring potential, as an unfinished pipe like this offers the enjoyment of more coloring with use than anything outside of a meerschaum. Give it a few years of regular smoking, and the buyer can expect it to turn almost walnut - It's a wonderful transformation to watch.