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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1715lb

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This bent Canadian is possibly the most elegant of all the Ligne Bretagne shapes, aside from being one of the few bents. And yes, I know, a bent Canadian isn't very standard for Canadians, but this is me, after all... The things I love about the shape are the feather-lightness coupled with the nice-sized bowl, that wide oval shank that's tailor-made for showing off grain, and the almost elven curves of the bowl and the shank-to-bowl join (Sometimes I like a really sharp, tight crease at the shank-to-bowl, but here I prefer the gradual flow, especailly in the way that the top-of-shank curve mirrors the front bottom-of-bowl curve as it transitions into the bowl).

The contrast finish was achieved via a natural briar grain darkening technique, applied then carefully sanded back to showcase every detail of the crosscut grain, and then topped with a final custom-blended tint of yellow/gold. I tried my best in these photos to capture the grain flow across the egg of the bowl, it's really gorgeous, and subtle details abound. I particularly love the bird's-eye down the sides of the shank. The stem ring is olivewood.