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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1712lb

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Here's another pipe that will probably never sell, but I don't really care, I had too much fun making it! Alas, there are probably only a handful of buyers out there who have been searching forever for a high-grade noseburner, which this most certainly is. The golden tinted contrast stain and beautiful bird's-eye grain display are worthy of pipes costing hundreds of dollars more,but this is a pipe made entirely to suit my own quirky sense of humor. The bowl is actually one of the taller Ligne Bretagne chambers so it will smoke for a good while, but the overall dimensions are positively Gnome-ish - In fact, I'm thinking seriously about retooling some simpler sandblasted versions of this as order-able Gnomes. This smooth, however, is a one-of-a-kind. In some ways it's my own answer to the strange popularity of the Devil Anse, a shape I am in no way fond of (I have a strong bias against any shape that tilts the bowl so far forward one can't see into it to light it). This retains the DA's bowl shape and size but throws a bend into the design to leave it much easier to light as well as easier to clench - If anyone's been looking for a featherweight walking pipe, here's your ticket!

In a nutshell - A $500+ pipe in HO scale.