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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1710lb

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This particular shape may well be becoming my favorite shape of the Ligne Bretagne brand. Ligne Bretagnes don't have a lot of bent shapes, for one, and while this is only a very mild bend, the smooth "S" curve of the stem and shank lines, and how they flow into each other seamlessly, really appeal to my eye. Also, it's bigger than the various squat bulldogs and Princes and such, with a just-about-perfect bowl size for me. The bowl rings give it a bit of precision that accents the otherwise organic and flowing shape. I'm just really fond of these things... I guess I need to make one for myself to keep one of these days!

This particular example is finished in a rich, multi-stage staining process where the underlying grain darkening was accomplished via an old Victorian-era wood coloring trick (natural), then carefully sanded to help the grain detail stand out. Finally, it was finished in a warm golden-walnut tint to give it that "late Autumn" look.