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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1709lb

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This is the sort of pipe that will only ever be offered as Ligne Bretagnes Uniques, because it's so rare to find bowls that are flawless enough to leave completely natural... That is to say, no stain, no wax, no finishing of any sort. Usually I'm lucky if we have 3 or 4 of these in a year, on average. In keeping with the "No Finish" theme, I've also left out our usual bowl chamber carbonizing, so be aware that it will be a bit more vulnerable to burning during break-in. Just take it slow and be careful till there's a cake starting to build up. "Unfinished" pipes like this offer both unique advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is a greater likelihood of picking up stains, such as picking up colors from shirt-pocket dyes, etc. The advantages are, firstly, the purest relationship between pipe and tobacco that it's possible to have. Also, there's the coloring... This pale tone is briar in its natural state, and one can expect it to darken noticeably from smoking. It may not be as dramatic as a meerschaum, but regular use will probably render this thing walnut after a few years have gone by!

The rim is smooth for easier cleaning, and the sandblasting came out quite nicely - One side shows vertically-stacked age rings and the other is all detailed bird's-eye, which look their very best on unstained wood. Check out the bowl close-ups above, especially the top left one! Also, the cross-cut grain of the briar is strong enough that you can see is gradations and streaks through the sandblasted surface, and on the smooth rim of course.