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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1708lb

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Here's another of the "semi-churchwardens" that I like so much. You get the elegance, light weight, and long stemmed look, without the sometimes ponderous and annoying dimensions. I love churchwardens, but must admit that there are many times it's just not feasible to be carrying around a 15" long pipe!

The very first thing that must be mentioned with this pipe is the sandblast - Oh, if only every blast came out this nicely! There's really strong depth and definition to the age rings, and damn, they are tightly packed... I count about 19 years of growth just getting from one side of this pipe to the other. The fanned-out radial spread of the rings makes them even more dramatic looking, and on the side that's all bird's-eye, wow... Again, usually sandblasted bird's-eye is nothing to write home about, but in this case it produced the most wonderfully gnarly, squirmy, volcanic-looking surface. I included a couple of extra close-up shots above just to try and show off every bit of the surface detail, it's that nice. I finished the whole thing off with a polished brass shank cap for lifetime durability, then turned the decorative stem rings to match the shank's taper. The finish is two-toned - A deep red/black applied over a penetrating orange/red that's been mostly rubbed back for eye-catching highlights, to help further show off all that impressive surface texture.