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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1706lb

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"Chunky" would be the operating design principle here. I posted this a few days ago on our business Facebook page with the note that if I were ever to teach pipemaking classes, making something like this would likely be the Pass-or-Fail test for the students... That is to say, making something like this without rounding off the edges, highlighting the edges during compounding, applying a contrast stain like this without having it come out wildly uneven due to all that faceted sanding, and so on. A clever lobster has enough manual skill to make a Devil Anse, but pipes like this, geez... Well, suffice to say that this is probably the only smooth one I'll be making this year simply because they're such a pain to finish well, which makes it many times more difficult to bring the pipe in to fit a $182 price tag.

Overall, it's a squat piece, built to perform under heavy use. The bowl walls are thick, the shank and stem are hefty and durable, and even the bit is stout enough to handle all-day clenching. In a nutshell, it's meant to be a workhorse, and it's the sort of pipe that I'd love to see get smoked so often that it needs reaming again and again over its lifespan.