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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1704lb

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Here's a pencil-shanked, paneled billiard with an extremely gnarly blast. Old Algerian briar is some really distinct stuff, visually, and this is no exception - It's not grained in any of the popular, "collector-eye-friendly" ways, but rather just swirls and twists all over in every direction. The shank and bowl are all heavy, thick, overlapping age rings that expand outward while also bending back on themselves. It may not be a ring grain, but it's pretty darned fascinating just to sit and study, showcasing the extreme life of the wood as it does.

Given that the briar presented such a wild starting point, we further accentuated its appearance with our own two-toned black and red highlight staining, with red highlights that will wear more with time, giving the pipe that delightful old Dunhill Shell look. The bowl rim is polished natural smooth for a bit of highlight, plus the practical benefit of being easier to clean with use.

It's a featherweight piece, with a larger bowl by Ligne Bretagne standards. Exceedingly Victorian!