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Ligne Bretagne Gnome #1703lbc

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Click the currency icon at left to calculate estimated price in your currency. Taxes and shipping costs will be calculated during the check-out process. Non-US buyers are responsible for all customs fees incurred in their country. Pipes are finished and shipped on a first-come, first-served basis. You will receive an estimate of production time with the email confirmation of your order. There is only ONEof this style available. If you receive an "Out of Stock" message during purchase, that means that we are sold out of this style and it is no longer available.

Above you can see photos of the model pipe for this, another of our our exciting new Ligne Bretagne offerings, the ability to order pipes in standardized designs. Note that the pipe above will not be the pipe you receive (unless you're the very first lucky buyer!), but your pipe will be of equivalent grade and quality, and you will receive photos of your personal pipe as soon as it is finished, for your approval prior to shipping. All pipes will be made to the measurements of the example shown here, though weight per piece can only be estimated. For more information on the story behind the creation of Ligne Bretagne Classics, see my blog post here.

When you order your pipe - It will be entered into our production queue, and you will receive an estimated date of completion by email. When your pipe is finished, you will receive photos of your personal pipe for your final approval, prior to shipping. We want all of our customers to be happy, so satisfaction is always guaranteed, and if you're unhappy with your pipe you can return it for a full refund.

Due to the rarity of bowls this flawless, we are only making TWO smooths of this style, and there's only one left. Once they're sold out, they're sold out. I'll pull this catalog page and this pipe will no longer be available. If you want one, grab one soon!

Now that the boilerplate is out of the way...


What is a Gnome? To answer any questions, I've written a whole blog post on the subject of these new, elfin pipes. In short, they're smaller-than-usual Ligne Bretagnes - Featherweight, small bowls, pencil shanks, ideal for easy transport, walking while clenching, as e-cig alternatives, cigarette alternatives, and more. High quality smokes in century-old briar with the craftsmanship, originality, and pure fun that you'd expect from a Talbert workshop product.

This first shape offering is a an eight-paneled Prince style, slightly bent with a smooth polished finish with a gradient stain - The shank and bowl underside are stained a rich chocolate brown which gradually fades as it moves out onto and up the bowl, until the bowl rim and upper portion of the bowl are natural. It takes some careful sanding to make this look smooth! But, since we only had two stummels out of our entire stock of this shape that were of suitable quality to make smooths like this, I wanted them to be something special.