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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1703lb

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One of our more "Holmes-ian" shapes, these elegant bent eggs have a distinctly Victorian flair to their design. They have a lot of points in their favor - This shape is one of the tallest Ligne Bretagne bowls, and while that's still not a big pipe, it will swallow plenty of tobacco for a nice long smoke. You get all the style and fun of a churchwarden in a much more practical pipe than churchwarden clays, with light weight, thicker walls, and an easily dis-assemble-able stem and shank for more convenient carrying. The shank here is capped with a polished brass end-piece for longterm durability.

The really outstanding thing about this pipe, however, is the grain and stain - For starters, the stacked age rings just look terrific, with a sort of wriggly density as they run all round the bowl. To enhance the look of the sandblasted surface, we've done a multi-stage stain and finish. The pipe was first understained with a golden tint to give it its "Autumn Gold" look, then topped with a deeper red/gold/brown custom coloring that was rubbed back for highlights to produce the final effect, a look that sits well above this price bracket and would be more expected on a $500+ pipe. The final touch was to sand the bowl rim smooth and leave it natural, simply waxed for shine and a subtle bit of contrast.