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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1702lb

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Now THIS is the way to start off a year! Pipes that are flawless enough to be left completely unstained are one in a hundred - Even most of those dramatic contrast stains you see on the market are generally contrasted that way to help disguise a black spot here and there. Not so in this case. I gave it a final rub with natural oil to bring out the gentle golden tone of the wood and help it harmonize with the horn stem's color tones, then sanded it back and polished it smooth. While the grain doesn't "pop" this way, it's a beautiful display of crosscut flow that gives a wide bird's-eye spread all across the left side of the bowl, a subtle look that should darken nicely with use as the oils of the tobacco help bring the bowl grain into richer contrast.

The horn stem was handcut in France and reworked a bit here, with a widened bit interior and smoothly tapering airhole for a quality draw. It was a bit of a challenge because most of our horn stem stock is straight, and a shape like this absolutely requires a very smooth and gentle bend to really allow the curvature of the bowl to flow properly right out to the bit. This ultimately required a solid 45 minutes of boiling to soften the horn sufficiently enough to give it the smooth curve I wanted. I'm quite pleased with the result, though, and the final pipe embodies the S curve of the Ligne Bretagne logo itself.