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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1701p

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Voila, the very last of LAST year's October Pumpkins! When we were taking an extra round of orders for these in last November and December, I never would have imagined that I'd only now be finishing them, barely in time for THIS Halloween. But, that's what a solid year of emergency elderly parent care will do to a schedule... It's taken an exhausting amount of overtime work just to finally get all the in-house orders done by this month.

Before I get into the description, I'll pre-answer the inevitable question - No, I'm not making any more like this. I've done so many of the 2016 Pumpkin styles now that I'm quite ready to do something different, and move on to other work, so this is the very last one that will be available new. If time and luck permit, there will be something different later this month for this Halloween, but that depends heavily on my available time and income.

This one came about via normal caution - Whenever I have a set of pipes to make, I always try to do at least a couple of extras, to account for any flaws or discards that may crop up in the other pieces. In this case, this was the last one... I'd drilled and roughed a pile of Pumpkins and once I'd filled all the standing orders, I had this one left as my spare. I decided to finish it up, and finish it wild, since it was the last of its kind. It stands apart from the rest of the 2016 Pumpkins in being the only one with green eyes and mouth - the rest are all orange. It took some work to get the right "glowing" stain work for the facial features. It's not as vivid a contrast as the "orange-lit" Pumpkins, but it has a distinctly sinister cast all its own.

That's helped by the wilder facial features and carving in general. I departed from the simpler eyes and mouths of the prior Pumpkins to go for a more Tim Burton-esque look, with more extreme eyes and teeth. The shank and underside show off the rest of the extra work, with a greater amount of detail, briar bridges, tendrils, and a "root structure" connecting shank to bowl - Check out the underside views of the pipe above for a vivid example of where this one got a bit of extra work.

Happy Halloween!