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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1656lb

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These bent bulldogs are fun to make, but also challenging - The bent shank spins at a higher point than the bowl ring, so I had to create a custom cutter to cut the rings on this design. Also, they're short and narrow of shank, which means it's tricky to have a stem that looks "right" with the shape - Saddle stems look better when they're larger (That is, from top to bottom, to create a more dramatic change of silhouette size between the thick portion and the flattened stem section). Tapered diamond stems, however, often look terrible on bent pipes because of the flow of the lines... If they're not very long, it's virtually impossible to flow the top and bottom lines smoothly into the briar shank and they end up looking "humped". Ergo, I like the bent bulldogs, but they can be a handful to make on a Ligne Bretagne working budget.

Enter this unusual oddity :D We've lately been doing lots of Ligne Bretagne Classics in a churchwarden style that uses a stem similar to this, and I just thought, "Hey, what if we simply capped off the shank with an end cap and used a churchwarden stem? I tried it out and damned if I didn't find it cool, which led to the unique pipe you see here. I realize that a lot of classical shape purists' heads are probably exploding from this, but I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it turned out - The bent bulldog form makes a really neat endpiece to the long stem and the whole thing looks more than a little bit steampunk, with its brass fittings and "Frankenstein-ian science" style. Voila, the Bulldogwarden! The stain is a two-toned rich walnut-chocolate, with highlighted edges for contrast, and color-matched to bring out the warm brown marbling in the acrylic & brass end cap.