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Ligne Bretagne Pipe #1605lbc

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The first new finish for Ligne Bretagne Classics! I was doing some seriously deep rummaging in the storage the other day, looking for something for a wholly different project, and in the process I found a number of Ligne Bretagne basic shapes that we haven't used in quite a long time, many not since France. This is one of them - It was always one of my favorites in France but our stock of these just got buried under other stuff in the meantime. I'm delighted to have found them, because I love the stocky proportions of these pipes. They have a nice-sized bowl chamber, about the same as a typical corncob in chamber capacity, but the sturdily thick shanks and short tapered stem give the whole piece a wonderfully short, stocky, and stubby character - The whole pipe can fit easily into a shirt pocket. It's not quite a noseburner but is more akin to a slightly longer and larger, artisan-crafted Big Ben Pipo or something of that size.

The stems are high quality black ebonite (and I do mean high quality - This material takes and holds its shine better than some German rod stock I've worked with) with bits filed to a comfortable thinness, with narrow ribbon buttons (see close-up, above). The shank band is polished copper.

Since these pipes are stylistically simpler than some of the other LB Classics, I opted to shoot for a higher grade with these and will be doing more sorting for grain quality, and also, I wanted to channel the saved time into more intriguing finishing time. The all-black finish is reliable and consistent, but I never intended for every LB Classic to be black, and it was time to introduce something new that would look good and could be reliably replicated. The finish here is a two-toned contrast finish with detail highlighting. The understain is a deep reddish-gold, which is applied and then topped with a custom-mixed blend of magenta and dark brown to produce a strong dark color to settle in the recesses. Then, the surface is rubbed back for highlights to create the detailed final look you see here.