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January 10th, 2018 

Hello and welcome to 2018 at the Talbert Pipes workshop! I hope everyone had a happy and survivable holiday season. I'm a little amazed that we managed to survive 2017, talk about a tumultuous year... But here's hoping for bigger and better things to come. Today I've posted five new pipes to the Ligne Bretagne catalog - Four LBs and one Collector - and you can see them here. There's some excellent news about LB Collectors also, which is explained on the new Collector's catalog page (and I'll probably be adding it to a Pipe Blog post soon also). Those of sharp eye might also notice that my catalog photos have improved a bit. It's somewhat required in this age of Instagram filters to "snazz up" pipe photos but I didn't want to stray too far into the territory of "All FX, minimal pipe", so I hope I've found a good balance that looks a wee bit better while still presenting clear, straightforward pics that tell the buyer what he or she is getting.

There is also, eventually, a full-scale site revamp coming, but that's still off in the future. I plan on greatly simplifying the site layout, offering some new buying options, automating more of my update process, and more, but of course that's a HUGE investment of time and time is the thing I have least of, excepting perhaps for money. It's well past time for a refresh, though - When I built this current site, I wrote it all out in a text editor, which should tell you how many years it's been, now that we're in the age of WordPress and readymade templates driving everything. Onwards and upwards!


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