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July 15th, 2017 

New pipes! This update is for everyone who's ever complained about Ligne Bretagnes tending to be small - Em and I set aside some time and drilled and shaped four new handmade Ligne Bretagne Collectors that are ALL ...Well, let's just say, "big-boned". An Oom-Paul, a couple of large curvy bent eggs, and an exceedingly hobbitish pipe in rare smooth finish for an LB Collector. Between those and the tall green plateau-Goblin that's also available, we should finally have something to fit the tastes of any of those "Group 5 please" folks!

June 22nd - The site's been quiet lately due to the ongoing health crisis of my wife's parents - Her father is back in the recovery home now after another bad fall, and her mom is about worn out from running back and forth to hospitals at age 83. When I have been able to work, it's been mainly on back-ordered pipes, LB Classics and such, so there haven't been many new pipes posted. I've got three available right now, though - Two sandblasted Princes and one new Goblin, in a bouncing green freehand/poker/sitter shape that's loaded with personality, as Goblins always are.

March 2nd - A massive new update today! It's been quiet here for a while as I've worked to get caught up on all the backordered Pumpkins and others that piled up over the holidays and beyond while we coped with the various difficulties of my wife's aging parents. There's good news on that front - Her father comes home from the recovery center on the 5th, at long last. Also, I've mostly managed to catch up on the backorders. I've still got a couple Pumpkins to finish but we're about to be back in business-proper, as it were... and to celebrate that fact, I've got a huge pile of great updates for today! First up, there are seven brand-new Ligne Bretagne Uniques posted and available now - One-of-a-kind pieces for terrific prices.

Also, our ever-popular "Fat Dwarves" have returned, and this time in order-able Ligne Bretagne Classic form - We've got the materials here for a limited run of six new Dwarves, so if you've ever wanted one, put your order in now!

And finally, I've introduced something new... For the fans of petite pipes, we now offer Ligne Bretagne Gnomes. I've written a whole blog article talking about them and the thought that went into them, but the short of it is, they're going to be fun tiny pipes for tiny pipe fans. We're selling these via the LB Classic model - Each one is made-to-order. The opening offerings are a paneled smooth and a paneled sandblast, but more shapes will join these Gnomes soon!

January 25th - Happy New Year everyone! Yes, we're still alive here despite the long quiet period on the website. That started back in September when we opened the October Pumpkins up for ordering and promptly sold enough to keep us busy right through December (I still have some to finish even NOW...). Then came the Yule Pipes and that was December stretching over into January and, well, here we are. For those folks not on our email list, there's a considerable backstory to how we've managed to get so behind schedule but the simplified version is that my wife's parents are both quite elderly and began having all sorts of health problems last year, one of which was my father-in-law falling and breaking his arm in multiple places, which resulted in him being confined to a recovery home for most of last year (and he's still there now). This has soaked up a LOT of our working time, running errands for them and visiting and generally being full/part-time caregivers. This month got even more ridiculous when both my wife and my mother-in-law fell sick, leaving me trying to keep up with multiple households, everyone's medical issues, and somehow run the business at the same time. So... Everything's happening a bit slow at the moment. I have, however, managed to finish a pair of new Ligne Bretagne Uniques which are posted on the website HERE.

Fingers crossed for a better February!


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